Macy’s To Open On Thanksgiving

It is an uncomfortable feeling to know that one of the largest retailers is now looking at opening on Thanksgiving night. I remember the time that the Thanksgiving holiday meant mom in the kitchen preparing the holiday meal my my dad and older brother were in the living room watching the football game. It was the peace of mind that on this day, we simply stopped, and frankly, the world stopped on this day to reflect and give thanks. At best, only a few places were opened and everyone respected the holiday and had the day off.

Now, it seems that this is a thing of the past! Just about every major retailer will be open on the holiday this year as retailers try to capture the almighty consumer dollar. Everyone is so busy trying to capture sales, meet sales projections or outpace last years figures. The world however dangerous it has become, is not going to end! There will be a day after Thanksgiving and everyone will carry on like before. The commercialism of the Thanksgiving holiday has made it out so that the actual holiday itself has gotten in the way of all the sales and promotions and shopping events that many stores now have. In a way, the holiday has become more important to stay abreast on the latest retail promotions and quickly go out and stand in line at some retail store instead of being at home or with loved ones and taking the time give thanks. Giving thanks for what you have, however little that maybe.

This Thanksgiving, we should take the time to give thanks and be grateful for what we have accomplished. This Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?